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UPDATE: Aussie Nash Hash 2021 DELAYED. See website for details. Aussie Nash Hash 2021.

Nash Hash 2023 announced.
Congratulations Central Coast HHH.

Ballpoint has written A History of the AUSSIE NASH HASH
Find out what you probably have forgotten about it.


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 There is  a genealogy of Aussie Hash clubs for you to review and add to.

If you don't know what Hash is all about check Hash Origins

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Next Interhash - 2022 - Trinidad & Tobago  ( https://www.interhashtrinidad2020.com/ )

The Inter Hash Council.
This Council has been formed to oversee the bids and operation of Interhash.
The Council members have all run an Interhash previously.
The Council has created some forms detailing how Interhash is to be run and anyone considering running an Interhash MUST sign and agree to abide by these documents.
If you want more information about the Council or a copy of the Interhash Documents, contact onongarfield@gmail.com