Updated:  6-February-2024

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On Ons for 2024
19-21 April 2024Cairns H3 (QLD) - 2500th Run
3-5 May 2024Cutlery H3 (QLD) - 1332th Celebration Run
28-30 June 2024Gladstone H3 (QLD) - 2222th Run (tutututu run)
12 October 2024Sapphire Coast H3 (NSW) - Combined Run 11
On Ons for 2025
07-28 March 2025 - ishCanberra Caravan and Camping H3 (ACT) - HHH Convoy to Fremantle


19-21 April 2024 - Cairns H3 (QLD) - 2500th Run

Flyer and Rego here.


3-5 May 2024 - Cutlery H3 (QLD) - 1332th Celebration Run

Flyer here.


28-30 June 2024 - Gladstone H3 (QLD) - 2222th Run (tutututu run)

Date claimer. More info to cum.


12 October 2024 - Sapphire Coast H3 (NSW) - Combined Run 11

Sapphire Coast H3, Masterbatemans H3, Cooma H3 and Belconnen H3.
More to follow but a lot of heads will come together to make this a fabulous weekend at the base of the Snowy.
Contact PNS at prmatthe@gmail.com


07-28 March 2025 - ish - Canberra Caravan and Camping H3 (ACT) - HHH Convoy to Fremantle

A convoy of hashers heading to Freo in 2025.

Info here.