A A A Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.myspace.com/hash_house_harriers
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1830.
We run for fun!
Email : hash_house_harriers@hotmail.com
Kendal 'Hands on Hooters' Davey
11 Solsona Approach
Port Kennedy WA 6172
Darren "Woombroom" Gildersleeve, (08) 9594 0981
Shane "Little Head Job" Weekes, (08) 9594 0981(H), 0417 415 691(mob)
Kendal "Hands on Hooters" Davey, (08) 9594 1924(H), 0424 295 285(mob)
Kerry " Puff Pastry" Craig, 08 9524409 752 874 9368
Last Update: 17/07/2007

Bridges Hash House Harriers
URL: http://members.iinet.net.au/~bthomo/bridges/
A Mixed club that runs Thursday at 1730.
Runs from the Perth Tatts Club
PO Box 1103
Canning Bridge
Applecross WA 6153
Chris "Assassin" Waller, (08) 9317 2642 (H)
Robyn "Tinkerbell" Bell, (08) 9472 4141(H), 0409 103 231(MOB)
Last Update: 26/12/2007

Bullsbrook Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.bullsbrookhash.asn.au
A Male club that runs Monday at 1830 sharp.
A traditional hash that sings well. Runs are usually North of the River.
Email : emailus@bullsbrookhash.asn.au
Andrew "Fitzall" Fitzgerald, 0417 447 948(MOB), fitzall@bigpond.net.au
Shaun "Tampax" Keating, 0408 946 960(MOB), shaunmk@optusnet.com.au
Barry "Pyro" Burns, 0409 889 479(MOB), pyro1946@bigpond.com
Last Update: 17/05/2017

Fremantle Heave Ho Hash House Harriers & Harriettes
URL: http://www.fremantlehash.com
AKA: Freo H6
A Mixed boutique club that runs Wednesdays at 18:30.
in & around Fremantle, WA. New runners, visiting Hashers welcome. A$10 for the run, circle & food, drinks extra at club prices.
FACEBOOK: "Freo H6", just like us to become member of the group.
Email : freoh6onsex@gmail.com
"D-Cell", 0431 000 761(MOB)
"Screwdriver", 0419 915 607(MOB)
"Butt-Less", 0419 696 253(MOB)
"Eveready", 0403 748 789(MOB)
Last Update: 01/06/2021

Friday Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.fridayhash.com
A Mixed adults only club that runs Fridays at 19:00.
Cost: $3 for a run and splash; buy other drinks from our trailer. Food: Hares usually put on a complimentary feed.
Email : ww@fridayhash.com
Shane "Mel Adjusted" Keith, 0407 360 053(MOB), Meladjustedh4@gmail.com
Julie "Radar" Keith, 0419 953 827(MOB), Radarfh3@gmail.com
Graziella "15MeNuts" Camisa, fridayh3@gmail.com
Last Update: 09/12/2018

Hamersley Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.hamersleyhash.com.au
AKA: Envied, emulated, but never equalled
A Men Only club that runs Monday at 1800.
On the 13th November 1978 a very important historical hash event took place, Hamersley Hash House Harriers was founded.The club grew quickly, its strengths being mateship and tradition and our songs have gained fame throughout the world.
PO Box 311
Greenwood WA 6024
"Mel Adjusted", 0407 360 053(MOB), hamersleyonsec@gmail.com
"Screwdriver", 0419 915 607(MOB), screwdriverh4@bigpond.com
"Coops", 0411 530 533(MOB), coopsh4@iinet.net.au
Last Update: 24/01/2018

Hash Walkers
URL: http://www.hashwalkers1.com/
AKA: Perth Hash Walkers
A Ladies only walking club that runs Monday at 1830 (except public holidays).
BYO Drinks Cost per walk $6.00 Supper supplied by Hare
Email : karen@12tuartroad.com
Karen Thompson
12 Tuart Road
Greenwood WA 6024
Karen "KT" Thompson, 0427 886 613(MOB), karen@12tuartroad.com
Robin Hunt, 0409 103 231(MOB), robinh01@bigpond.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Hills Hash House Harriers
URL: https://hillshash.weebly.com/
A Family club that runs Sunday at 1700 in summer and Sunday at 1600 in winter.
Generally the runs are in the hills of Perth, Western Australia.
2450 Stevens Street
Sawyers Valley WA 6074
Hills Hash Hacker, hillshashhacker@gmail.com
Mary "Leapfrog" Woodward, (08) 9295 2238(H), pobblebonk@iinet.net.au
Steve "Dripper" Ewing, 0418 150 106(MOB), steve_e@iinet.net.au
Last Update: 11/02/2021

HOSH Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.hoshhash.com
AKA: Hash Oldies Still Hashing
A Mixed club that runs Last Tuesday of Month at 1830.
Established 24 May 1994. Located in Perth. HOSH hash was formed mainly for the over 50's. Junior members are accepted but they must be over 45
Bob Thompson
12 Tuart Road
Greenwood WA 6024
Bob " Thommo" Thompson, (08) 9447 7525(H), bob.karen@iinet.net.au
Ted "Rooted" King, (08) 9448 4126(H)
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Perth Crankers-Cycle on Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.perthcrankers.com
A Mixed hash who must be off trainer wheels club that runs 1st Sunday of every month, most rides close to train stations at 1400 for 1430 start.
Perth's only dedicated bike hash. Cater for all types, even fat bastards. Must enjoy beer and socialising.
Email : PerthCrankers@gmail.com
PO Box 324
Claremont WA 6010
"Bouncing Czeque", 0404 663 303(MOB), dana.iwachow@woodside.com.au
"Screwdriver", 0419 915 607 (MOB), screwdriverh4@bigpond.com
"Headbanger", 0407 991 807(MOB), headbanger50@hotmail.com
"Fartin Sphincter", 0418 938 005(MOB), scottyandgibbo@bigpond.com
Shreck, 0439 917 991(MOB), ononshrek@gmail.com
Last Update: 21/07/2016

Perth Harriettes
URL: http://www.perthharriettes.com
A Ladies club that runs Tuesday at 1900.
'Where Boobs Bounce Best. All visiting hashers (M/F) welcome. Cost $15-00 (includes run, food & drinks)
Jenny McAlister
135A Westview Street
Scarborough WA 6019
Cheryl "Tip'm" Szijarto, 0413 834 256(Mob), cherylsz@iinet.net.au
Jenny "Sarge" McAlister, (08)9245 4243(H), 0412 777 297(MOB), sargeh3@bigpond.net.au
Last Update: 14/04/2013

Perth Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.perthhash.com
AKA: The Original Gentleman's Hash
A Male club that runs Monday at 1800.
Run fees: Visitors $10, Members $100 per quarter or $380 per annum
PO Box 267
Guildford WA 6935
Colin "Bushranger" Kelly, (08) 6143 2080(W), 0417 951 129(MOB), bushranger.perth.hash@gmail.com
Robert "Phantom" John, (08) 9389 7797(H), 0417 966 296(MOB), phantom41@iinet.net.au
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Rocky City Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.rch3.net/
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1830.
Runs are held in and around Rockingham, WA (about 40km south of Perth). New runners and visiting Hashers are welcome. $6 for members and $8 for visitors covers the run, food and splash, other drinks cheap from the trailer.
PO Box 1104
Rockingham WA 6168
"Baboon", 0409 005 131 (MOB), ian.junk@bigpond.com
"Mop Arse", 0414 467 011 (MOB), moparse@oceanbroadband.net
"HJ", 0409 682 236(MOB), hjhasher@hotmail.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Rush Hash House Harriers
A Men only club that runs Monday at 1830.
Runs are from various venues around Rockingham and Mandurah.
2 Piombino Views
Secret Harbour WA 6173
Peter 'Methane' Miller, 0419 935 360(MOB), millers@e-wire.net.au
Last Update: 30/10/2004

SATT Hash House Harriers
A Mixed club that runs Saturday mornings at 0630.
Hillary's Marina car park next to “The Great Escape” water slides, with breakfast at the Beach Shack Café at 0730. Motto: We run, we swim, we eat, we drink, we go home.
Jim "Sgt. Bilko" Ellis, 0411 553 483(MOB), ellisjim@iinet.net.au
Jim "Jungle" Powell, 0418 928 624(MOB), jim-pam@bigpond.net.au
Pam "Miss Piggy" Powell, 0403 795 368(MOB), jim-pam@bigpond.net.au
Ted "Roo Ted" King, 0400 200 814(MOB), kangaroo_ted@hotmail.com
Last Update: 18/08/2014

South of Perth Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.southofperthhash.com
On TeamApp: https://soph3.teamapp.com/
A Male club that runs south of the Swan River Thursdays at 1815.
Runs $10 Beer $2.50 / token
Chris "NWB" Galpin, 0456 919 555(MOB), galps548@gmail.com
Last Update: 23/01/2022

South of Perth Hash House Harriettes
URL: http://www.soph3numbats.com.au/
A Female club that runs Wednesday at 1830.
Visitors are welcome. Lots of walkers. More runners wanted, Runs are $6 and it is $5 for food.
Last Update: 04/10/2010

Wanneroo Hash House Harriers
A Family club that runs Sunday at 1600.
Email : ldlawtey@optusnet.com.au
Lyle Lawtey
2A Koolyanga Road
Mullaloo WA 6065
Lyle "Elvis" Lawtey, (08) 9401 6468 (H), 0412 012 637 (MOB), ldlawtey@optusnet.com.au
Eric "Earache" Reid, (08) 9401 2725(H), 0411 697 930(MOB), ericisearache@iinet.net.au
Mike "Ten Per Cent" Coventry, (08) 9304 7872(H), 0421 792 067(MOB), mlcoven@iinet.net.au
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Warwick Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.tranen.com.au/Warwick_H3_Home.htm
A Mixed club that runs Wednesday at 1845.
Run north of the Swan river
Tony Williams
20 Hale St
North Beach WA 6020
Tony "Popeye" Williams, (08) 9246 3141(H), twilliams@iinet.net.au
Sonia "Director" Light, 0419 938 424(MOB), sryall99@gmail.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

West Coast Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.westcoasthashhouseharriers.com
A Men Only club that runs Monday at 1800.
Barrie Glossop
28 Hartwell St
Coolbinia WA 6050
Barrie "Basil Brush" Glossop, 0412 918 740, bbrush@iprimus.com.au
Robert "Crater" Chantal, 0409 683 661(MOB), craterwch3@yahoo.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013