Bay Islands Hash House Harriers
A Mixed club that runs Thursday at 1800.
Meet somewhere in the Moreton Bay islands and surrounds-Russell, Macleay, Lamb and Karragarra Islands.Due to smaller numbers we try to mix up self catering and pub/club options. $5 meal if catered. $2 run. BYO drinks.
Super friendly bunch of Hashers. Ferry pick up available.
Email : isfourtoomany@hotmail.com
Faye "No More Gaps" Benge, 0407 242 547(MOB), isfourtoomany@hotmail.com
Last Update: 08/09/2019

Bayside Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.baysidehash.com
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1830.
Email : kerrydi.best1@gmail.com
PO Box 1952
Carindale QLD 4152
Kerry "Forskin" Best, 0423 701 589(MOB), kerrydi.best1@gmail.com
Ian "Furment" Rottenberry, (07) 3847 3883(H) 07 3847 3883
Last Update: 28/11/2016

Breakfast Creek Hotel Hash House Harriers
A Mixed club that runs Wednesdays at 1800.
4 basic runs with a dinner run once a month at the discretion of the dinner master
Peter "Vaseline" Roush, 0408 878 922(MOB), vaso.hash@hotmail.com
Last Update: 23/09/2012

Brisbane Halfway Hash House Harriers
URL: https://www.halfwayhhhbn.au
A mixed club that runs /walks Wednesdays at 1830.
All visitors welcome. Run, jog, walk - and enjoy a drink! See website for run fees - they cover your hash nosh. Beers $3 ea, cider $3, wine $3/glass or $10 bottle, Bundy n Coke $5, softdrinks $1.
Email : halfwayhash@gmail.com
See website for contacts
Last Update: 12/04/2022

Brisbane Harriettes
URL: http://www.brisbaneharriettes.yolasite.com/
A Female Only club that runs Monday at 1830.
Runs and walks are in the Brisbane area. All visiting hashers welcome. Non Members $8.00 for Nosh, bring a torch. We don't usually have mixed runs, but we do have mixed social events during the year.
Email : hashonsec@yahoo.com.au
Janice "Archives" McGrath, (07) 3399 3992(H), 0411 231 328(MOB)
Cheryl "Pithhead" Byzers, (07) 3351 5582(H), chezbyers@yahoo.com
Sandie "Syndrome" Downes, (07) 3488 2334(H), downes@acenet.net.au
Last Update: 24/06/2014

Brisbane Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.brisbaneh3.com
A Men only club that runs Monday at 1815.
Queensland first hash club founded 1971. Runs are usually within 20Km radius of Brisbane Central.
Email : info@brisbaneh3.com
Graham Palmer
PO Box 1575
Milton QLD 4064
Vaughn "VD", 0447 719 556(MOB), vd@brisbaneh3.com
Ian "Radar", 0439 739 653(MOB), radarhash@optusnet.com.au
Tom "Snappy Tom", 0478 586 131(MOB), tchanson@yahoo.com.au
Graham "Handjob", 0419 786 519(MOB), handj0b@gmail.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Brisbane Northside Hash House Harriers
URL: bnh3.yolasite.com
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830.
Email : brisbanenorthsidehhh@hotmail.com
PO Box 2028
Chermside QLD 4032
Allan "To and From" McIntyre, 0409 765 162(MOB), aandmmcintyre@gmail.com
Geoff "Fakarwee" Smith, 0412 060 188(MOB)
Last Update: 19/06/2015

Brisbane Southside Hash House Harriers
URL: Http://www.brisbanesouthside.com
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1830.
South of the Brisbane River Brisbane to Bennleigh Bring ya plate, cutlery, drinking vessel & torch. Bring ya $$ for beer at bucket prices & weekly raffles
Email : bs.hash@yahoo.com.au
Paul "Muff Diver" Beattie, 0420 960 781 (MOB), thebts@bigpond.net.au
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Brisbane Sunday Bike Hash House Harriers
URL: http://brisbanesundaybikehash.yolasite.com
A Mixed club that runs Sundays, once a month.
All fitness levels welcome. Starting time varies according to the season. $10 buys you the ride, a feed and a few drinks.
Email : aandmmcintyre@gmail.com
Allan "To and From" McIntyre, 0409 765 162(MOB), aandmmcintyre@gmail.com
"Cheesecake", 0432 386 147
Last Update: 26/09/2013

Brisbane Thirsty Hash House Harriers
URL: https://www.thirstyhashbrisbane.com
A Mixed club that runs Thursday at 1815.
Run from various locations on the northside of Brisbane Queensland - short to medium catering for runners and walkers. Cost is $ 5.00 for members, $10.00 for non members gives you run and 2 drinks. A restaurant, cafe or pub after the bucket
Email : onsec@brisbanethirstyhash.net
47 Bowers Rd Sth
Everton Hills QLD 4053
Contacts:, onsec@brisbanethirstyhash.net
Rod "Wagga Rod" Dominish, (07) 3351 1176(H), (07) 3302 8718(W), 0410 023 022(MOB), dommo05@optusnet.com.au
Last Update: 20/07/2022

Bulimba Hash House Harriers
URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/309827257091503/permalink/345910903483138/?comment_id=345927436814818¬if_id=1613607393915165¬if_t=group_comment&ref=notifhttps%3A%2F%2Fclairellambert.wixsite.com%2Fwebsite%2Fnews-updates
A Mixed club that runs Wednesday at 1815.
Email : cllambert@deloitte.com.au
"Queen B"
19 Parry Street
Bulimba QLD 4171
Claire "Queen B" Lambert, 0420 216 298(MOB), cllambert@deloitte.com.au
Last Update: 18/03/2021

Hornibrook Highway Hash House Harriers
AKA: Intimate Hash
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1900.
Runs mainly central and North Brisbane.
C/o 54 Hibiscus St
Everton Hills QLD 4053
Sandy "Greasy Fingers" Grigg, (07) 3848 1979(H), sgrigg@bledisloe.com.au
Peter "Grotty Whore" Aldous, 0415 285 216(MOB), peter@avsystems.com.au
Last Update: 02/11/2007

Nigel & Noleen's Noggy Hash House Harriers
AKA: Noggy Hash
A Mixed club that runs Monthly.
Robyn Grayson
2 Scotby St
Alexandra Hills QLD 4161
Robyn "Red Breast" Grayson, (07) 3824 3366(H), 0438 384 711(Mob), office@millgray.com
Phil "French Kiss" Jewell, (07) 3324 8804(H), 0421 060 860(Mob)
Sandy "Greasy Fingers" Grigg, (07) 3848 2113(H), 0417 602 334(MOB), sgrigg@bledisloe.com.au
Stuart "Dregs" Grigg, STUART.SW.GRIGG@centrelink.gov.au
Last Update: 23/01/2017

Redlands Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.redlandshashhouseharriers.asn.au
A Mixed club that runs and walks on Monday at 1830 hours, (sometimes breakfast runs on Public Holidays).
We cater for all fitness levels. Runs are generally set around the Redlands area e.g. Wynnum, Cleveland, Victoria Pt., Capalaba, Birkdale, etc.
Visitors welcome. After the run, a light meal (nosh) is provided. BYO plate and cutlery. Drinks available at club prices.Lots of fun and frivolity. Cost for the run and nosh $7.00. A torch may be needed in Winter.
email:, RedlandsHash@gmail.com
Facebook:, https://www.facebook.com/groups/RedlandsHashHouseHarriers/
Last Update: 12/12/2020

Royal Exchange Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.immortal.net.au/bhhh/REHash1.htm
AKA: Royal Hash (By Appointmment)
A Mixed club that runs Wednesdays at 1800.
Runs always start from Royal Exchange Hotel, 10 High Street,Toowong, Brisbane Qld,with various fixed trails. On-On in the outside bar at the RE Pub where there is excellent food available for reasonable prices
David Greig
75 Hawthorne Street
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
David (Layup) Greig, (07) 3891 6620(H), 0419 721 120(MOB), greigd@bigpond.net.au
Peter "BrenGun" Greig, (07) 3371 2823(H), 0412 244 344(MOB)
Keith "Miles O'Toole" Grantley, (07) 3392 9436(H)
Last Update: 13/06/2006

Samford Hash House Harriers
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/samfordhashing/home
A Family (including dogs) club that runs Sundays at 1700 in summer and Sundays at 1600 in winter.
Drinks $1-$3; Meals $3
Email : samfordhash@gmail.com
Derrick "Payback" Mullins
3 Mary Court
Cashmere QLD 4500
Derrick "Payback" Mullins, (07) 3298 5194 (?)
David "Haughty" Roberts, 0400 499 582(MOB)
Last Update: 20/01/2018

Samford Hash House Harriers Inc.
URL: http://www.samfordhhh.blogspot.com
A Mixed club that runs 1st Sunday of every month.
We run in the beautiful Samford Valley and northern suburbs of Brisbane. Nosh $5.00, Drinks $2.00-$2.50. There are no run fees for members, no joining or annual fees for members.
Email : samfordhhh@yahoo.com
Joe Ellis
PO Box 13
Dayboro QLD 4521
Joe "Stubby" Ellis, alwaysmailjoe@yahoo.com
"Skidmark", peter.bloomer@gmail.com
Last Update: 21/05/2021

Skinnychino Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.skinnychino.com.au
A Mixed club that runs Saturday at 0600.
The objective of this Hash is to have a relaxed run followed by breakfast and be sociable on a Saturday morning. Different venues rotating each week. The run lasts about an hour and afterwards it is Skinnychino Coffee and Breakfast in the cafes
75 Hawthorne Street
Woolloongabba QLD 4102
Gordon "Grewsome" Innes, (07) 3353 1940(H), gordon@immortal.net.au
David "Layup" Greig, (07) 3891 6620(H), greigd@bigpond.net.au
Chris Craft" Nolan, 0418 723 324(Mob)
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Story Bridge Quarterly Full Moon Hash
A mixed club that runs quarterly on Wednesday nearest full moon.
Brisbane city runs from Story Bridge Hotel on Wednesday nearest Full Moon in March, June, September and December.
David "Boxer" Hudson, 0408 619 010(MOB), dhudson@onthenet.com.au
Last Update: 16/07/2006