Albury - Wodonga Hash House Harriers Inc.
A Mixed Hash, including Horrors club that runs Monday at 1830.
Come Rain, Hail or Shine. (Well ... almost) Trails set from Homes or Parks. Run/Nosh cost $4.00, Drinks cost 1.50-$2.00.
Ken "Kunoath" Every, 0409-287274(MOB), kje@dragnet.com.au
Robert "Bobcat" Reid, (02) 6056 8581(H), 0419 442 646(MOB), bobcat13@ozonline.com.au
Last Update: 15/07/2019

Armidale Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.armidalehash.bigpondhosting.com/
AKA: Couth Hash
A Family club that runs Monday at 1800.
now a small walking club of ageing harriers!
Founded in October 1982 and haven't missed a Monday since, although never a big hash and now down to 2-8 walkers each week. Walk in the bush in summer and from pubs in winter.
Email : selwynsw@bigpond.net.au
Jeremy "Nun" Smith,, (02) 6772 0936(H), selwynsw@bigpond.net.au
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Ballina Hash House Harriers
A Family club that runs Monday at 1800.
(We absolutely love Visitors & Virgin runners)
c\- 2/3 Alison Avenue
Lennox Head NSW 2478
"Arse Burner", (02) 6687 6611(?), panchovilla@blue1000.com.au
Len "Erection" Keith, (02) 6686 5770(H), lenkeith@bigpond.com
"TIG", 0431 264 711(MOB), woods.jan@hotmail.com
Last Update: 24/04/2018

Border Hash House Harriers and Harriettes
URL: https://www.facebook.com/groups/borderh4/
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830 (Qld time).
Runs in the Tweed Head/Coolangatta area. (Motto: We don't care what state you're in!) Cost $7.50 for the run and nosh. Drinks available at hash prices.
PO Box 221
Coolangatta  QLD  4225
Chris "The Bushfman(Bushie)" Cohen, 0412 768 988(MOB), chrisjcohen1@gmail.com
Sue "Treadmill(Treadie)" Storr, 0438 98 77 24(MOB), sue.abroad@gmail.com
Last Update: 01/06/2015

Broken Hill Hash House Harriers
A Family club that runs Wednesday at 1800.
Usually from pub or private residence Walkers welcome
Town & Country Bicycles
Argent St
Broken Hill NSW 2880
Ricky "Pharlap" Cooper, (08) 8087 2475(W), 0408 884 588(MOB), town.bike@bigpond.com
Trevor "G.I.Joe" Rudd., (08) 8082 5220(W), (08) 8087 8132(H), tsrudd@bigpond.net.au
Last Update: 10/11/2007

Central Coast Champagne Harriettes
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/centralcoastharriettes
A Harriettes only unless by prior agreement club that runs Second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 1800.
A great bunch of bubbly girls who love to run, have fun and enjoy life!
Email : thechampagneharriettes@dodo.com.au
Gillian "Patsy" Hughes
c\- 19 Marshdale Road
Springfield NSW 2250
"Patsy", 0438 657 987(MOB), thechampagneharriettes@dodo.com.au
"Feral", 0416 243 346(MOB), thechampagneharriettes@dodo.com.au
"See Thru", 0413 598 140(MOB), thechampagneharriettes@dodo.com.au
"Pussy Galore", 0409 995 092(MOB), thechampagneharriettes@dodo.com.au
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Central Coast Hash House Harriers
URL: https://sites.google.com/view/centralcoasthashers
AKA: The "Flash" Hash
A Mixed club that runs /walks on Monday at 1800 (during daylight saving) in summer and or Saturday at 1400 (after daylight saving ends) in winter.
Run costs are $5. Drinks $3 for alcohol or $2 for softies
Email : c2h3trash@gmail.com
Grahan "Ballpoint" Parker, 0400 851 404(MOB), grahamp28@tpg.com.au
Bernice "Lady None" O'Donahue, (02) 4332 4314(H), odonahueb@gmail.com
Ian "Anonymous" Morgan, 0407 957 760(MOB), odonahue@gmail.com
Last Update: 04/01/2022

Coffs Harbour Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.coffshash.com.au
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830.
Cost $8.00 for run and food. BYOG. BOH (Blokes Only Hash) run first Wednesday of the month at 1800. Cost $10.00 for run, food & drinks. GASH (Girl's Hash) the last Thursday of the month at 1800 at a cost of $5.00.
Email : mail@coffshash.com.au
"Phar Lap", 0411 679 578(MOB), mail@coffshash.com.au
"Alky", 0411 667 090(MOB), mail@coffshash.com.au
"Quickette", 0417 060 159(MOB), mail@coffshash.com.au
Last Update: 07/02/2022

Cooma Hash House Harriers
A Family club that runs Monday at 1830.
The pack consists of a handful of drinkers with a running problem and about 15 walkers with a talking problem. Hounds are aged from 4 to 75 with a median age of about 35! $4 for a feed, $7 for a feed and plenty of alcoholic drinks.
Jon "Sewer Sipper" Kugler, 0409 783 364(MOB), jonkugler@exemail.com.au
Jane "Dick Tracy" Tracy, 0427 375 865(MOB), jane.tracy@bigpond.com
Lloyd "Snags" Venerables, (02) 6452 2174(H), (02) 6452 2150(W)
Last Update: 29/02/2012

Hunter Hash House Harriers
AKA: H4 - The Antiques Roadshow
A Mixed - 8 to 80 years young, club that runs Monday at 1800.
All levels of running/walking, bring a torch in the winter months or at the end of daylight savings.
Email : tom59travel@gmail.com
Tommy "Bonk Bonk" Martyn, 0403 956 665(MOB), tom59travel@gmail.com
Dax "DAX" Nelson, dax077@bigpond.com
Monika "Lip Service" Tagg, (02) 4928 1007(?)
Last Update: 13/04/2021

Illawarra Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.meetup.com/Illawarra-Hash-House-Harriers/
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830.
Trails set in bush, on road or beaches anywhere in the Illawarra. R*n fee is $6 plus drinks
PO BOX 519
Kiama NSW 2533
Rob "Proper Bastard" McCarthy, donnarob81@gmail.com
Graeme "Magoo" Jay, 0438 450 575(MOB), catering2u@bigpond.com
Last Update: 17/07/2013

Lake Macquarie Hash House Harriers
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/newcastlehhh/Hurricane-Hash
AKA: Hurricane Hash
A Mixed club that runs once a year on the first Monday in August.
Hurricane was a harrier who drowned in the lake after a hash run years ago. This is a yearly memorial run. A sort of reunion run for Central Coast and Singleton.
Newcastle Hash House Harriers
PO Box 99
Jesmond NSW 2299
Darrell "One More" Doherty, (02) 4956 1740, 0407 018 220(MOB), onemore7@bigpond.com
Maxwell "Mr Smart" Sneddon, (02) 4954 8782(H), max.sneddon@gmail.com
Bill "JR" Murray, 0418 431 642(MOB)
Last Update: 25/02/2009

Lake Macquarie Hash House Harriettes
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/lakemacquariehhh/
AKA: Sirens Hash
A Female but blokes can be invited and cum club that runs Fourth Monday of August, November, February and May at 1830.
The Lake Macquarie Sirens, not mythical creatures, but Harriettes with a mythical theme, who are irresistible. BYOG or PYOG (Purchase YOG) when the voyage is from a Pub. $3 run for all. Contact us through our Facebook page
42 Nevill Street
Mayfield NSW 2304
Laraine "Rinny" Dunn, 0409 980 130(MOB)
Sue "Buffy" Howlett, 0400 638 354(MOB)
Last Update: 15/08/2018

Lighthouse Hash House Harriers
A Men Only club that runs 3rd Wednesday of the month.
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Master Batemans Bay Hash House Harriers
A club that runs First Saturday afternoon each month, 1500 in winter and 1600 in summer.
Dinner at a club or something usually follows. Runners & waddlers very welcome for an interesting run or walk through some of the best HHHing country around.
Motto: "there is nothing wrong with sobriety…in moderation"
Tony "Two Fathers", 0419 991 052(MOB), tonyp_s@yahoo.com
Mal "Capt Pugwash", 0420 756 470(MOB), malmann09@gmail.com
Gobbles (Mike), (02) 6294 6104(?), 0417 884 515(MOB), michaeljf@iinet.net.au
Last Update: 21/04/2014

Nelson Bay Hash House Harriers
URL: Http://www.nbh3.nelsonbay.com
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1800.
A Family pack of 40+ runners and walkers who run on a Monday night at 1800 within 15 kms of Nelsons Bay. $3 for the run which includes mash. Bring your own plate and eating irons. Beer, wine and softies available
Ken Johnson
2/38 Danalene Parade
Corlette NSW 2315
Eric "Wreckless" Gatehouse, 0419 318 378(MOB), Eric.Gatehouse@Rolls-Royce.com
Dave "Mullet" Deacon, 0413 046 593(MOB), ddeacon@harboursidehaven.com.au
Ken "Silent Knight" Johnson, 0401 054 484(MOB), silent.knight@westnet.com.au
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Newcastle Full Moon Hash House Harriers
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/newcastlefullmoonhhh/
A Mixed club that runs once a month on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday night closest to the full moon.
$3 for the run and Mash or $5 which includes a free beer.
Tom Clarke
Unit 3/71 Elizabeth Street
Tighes Hill NSW 2297
Tom "Phantom" Clarke, 0418 411 785(MOB), thomas.clarke7@bigpond.com
Jim "Tombstone" Halliday, 0417 285 321(MOB), tombie.fergie@gmail.com
Steve "Modess" Trinka, 0403 436 620(MOB), stephen.trinka@gmail.com
Last Update: 29/06/2014

Newcastle Hash House Harriers
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/newcastlehhh/
A Mixed club that runs alternating Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
PO Box 99
Jesmond NSW 2299
Maxwell "Mr Smart" Sneddon, (02) 4954 8782(H), 0413 525 365(MOB), max.sneddon@gmail.com
Bill "JR" Murray, (02) 4965 3353(H), 0418 431 642(MOB), (02) 4965 3353(FAX), leoniemurrey1@optusnet.com.au
Darrell "One More" Doherty, (02) 4956 1740(?), 0407 018 220(MOB), onemore7@bigpond.com
Last Update: 24/12/2011

Northern Rivers Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.nrhhh.blogspot.com
AKA: Alternate Hash
A Family club that runs Monday at 1800.
Fay Ditton
16 Crown Street
Lismore NSW 2480
Fay "Slurrr" Ditton, 0401 566 506(MOB), doaf@ycw.com.au
Gary "Procol" Manning, 0416 295 164(MOB), gary@ycw.com.au
Peter "Hash Brown" Brown, 0408 602 542, panda.at.home@hotmail.com
Anna "Goanna" Molloy, (02) 6684 9451(?), annamolloy7@gmail.com
Last Update: 16/07/2018

Nowra Hash House Harriers
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1800.
Rain, hail or shine. $5 covers food and some beer from the bucket. A social group. Visitors most welcome.
Email : zorica.kandic@gmail.com
PO Box 570
Nowra NSW 2541
Dianne "Melons" Fielding, 0419 123 163(MOB), difielding@hotmail.com
"Hot Stuff", 0414 401 923(MOB), zorica.kandic@gmail.com
Sigrid "Easter Bunny" Cooper, 02 4422 8387(H), 0402 105 512(MOB), donsigrid@gmail.com
Last Update: 03/02/2016

Orange Full Moon Hash House Harriers
A Mixed/Family club that runs 1830 on the night of the Full Moon.
$5 run fee. Nosh provided. Buy your own for pub runs.
Email : bec.forster80@gmail.com
Bec "Neferchicken" Foster, 0429 885 481(MOB), bec.forster80@gmail.com
Last Update: 01/02/2020

Port Macquarie "Tactile" Hash House Harriers
A club that runs .
Currently in recess
Diane "Di-uretic" Pead, (02) 6584 2545(H), 0418 468 220(MOB)
Last Update: 12/07/2006

Richmond Hash House Harriers
AKA: Animal Hash
A Men club that runs Monday at 1800.
in the Hawkesbury district
Email : fairweather@people.net.au
PO Box 94
Richmond NSW 2753
Peter "$30" O'Connell, (02) 4578 1333(H)
Mick "Wobbly" Ogle, 0418 966 264(MOB), wobblyb@hotmail.com
Mick "Wills" Gregson, mick86@bigpond.com
Laurie "Sarah Marie" Fairweather, fairweather@people.net.au
Bob " Maniac " Minnett, (02) 4577 5468(H)
Last Update: 03/11/2007

Royal Newcastle Hash House Harriers
AKA: The Monanarchist Hash
A Mixed club that runs 1800 on special days.
Defeat of the Republic (6th Nov); Australia Day; Queen's Birthday; "Sir Billy's" Birthday; "Queenie's" Birthday; "Lord Musiman's" Birthday; and other Right Royal Pissups as decreed. Drinks are Crown Lager, Queen Adelaide wines and most things alcoholic.
Brian Smith
42 Nevill Street
Mayfield NSW 2304
Brian "(Lord) Musicman" Smith, (02) 4960 8747(H), 0408986626(MOB), musikman25@live.com.au
Last Update: 14/06/2009

Sapphire Coast Hash House Harriers
A Mixed club that runs 3rd Saturday at 1400.
Email : prmatthe@gmail.com
"PNS", 0408 289 562(MOB), prmatthe@gmail.com
Simon "Trumpet" Schwarz, 0416 555 305(MOB)
Sally "Terminator" Matthey, 0407 285 883(MOB), sallyjmatthey@yahoo.com
Last Update: 04/04/2022

Tamworth Hash House Harriers
URL: http://th3aus.weebly.com
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1815.
We have runners and walkers, young and old. Check website for Hareline. Visitors most welcome.
PO Box 135
Tamworth NSW 2340
"Golden Girl", 0427 653 422, larn@iinet.net.au
Last Update: 16/05/2013

Twin Rivers Hash House Harriers
AKA: Wombat Hash
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1830 precisely or thereabouts.
Jim 'Rug' Dutton
28 Cadia Pl
Barry "Tree Roots" Jeffery, (02) 6845 4555, tprint@bigpond.com
Last Update: 01/04/2008

Wagga Wagga Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.waggahash.asn.au
AKA: Gaberdine Hash
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830.
Weekly run site details available on Wagga Hash Website $5.00 per run plus cost of beverages.
Email : fishar@bigpond.com
PO Box 880
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650
Bruce "Dude" Fisher, 0429 331 016(MOB), fishar@bigpond.com
Peter "Milo" Millington, 0417 256 161(MOB), milomillington@gmail.com
Frances "Hooka" Fisher, 0401 650 300(MOB), fishar@bigpond.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Wanker Hash House Harriers
AKA: Alternative Hash
A Mixed club that runs /walk Monday at 1800 March to October.
Most runs are from a members home , others are from a hotel or League /Service Club. Cost is $6.00 for run, nosh and booze if from a home. Buy.Your.Own.if from other locations.
c\- 10/11-13 Oakes Ave
Long Jetty NSW 2261
Bernice "Lady None" O'Donahue, (02) 4332 4314(H), odonahueb@gmail.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Westlakes Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.westlakeshashhouseharriers.com/
A Family club that runs Fridays at 1830 or weekends at 1500.
In the Rathmines, Wangi Wangi and Fishing Point area of Lake Macquarie. Run times vary, so best to make contact to confirm.
C Cummins
74 Beach Road
Wangi Wangi NSW 2267
"Looney", magnamum@hotmail.com
"GPS", 0412 091 600(MOB), runhog@yahoo.com
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Yass Hash House Harriers & Harriettes
URL: http://www.yasshhh.com
AKA: Laid Back Hash, no F#*king worries
A Family club that runs 3rd and 5th Fridays at 1830.
Email : Dominatrix.hhh@gmail.com
Suzie "Dominatrix" Reeks, Dominatrix.hhh@gmail.com
Last Update: 10/10/2011