Botany Bay Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.botanybayh3.com
AKA: Convict Hash
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830.
Running anywhere between Sydney's city centre and Sutherland in the South
Email : BingoB2H3@hotmail.com
PO Box 531
Sylvania Southgate NSW 2224
Brian "Cold Duck" East, 0414 458 790(MOB), brian @iamfp.com.au
Ernie "Top Bunk" Archer, (02) 9153 0223(H), (02) 9521 1091(W), 0407 014 254(MOB), topbunk@exemail.com.au
Gemma "Bingo" Gurr, BingoB2H3@hotmail.com
Last Update: 19/04/2015

Bushrangers Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.bushrangersh3.com/
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1830.
All Hashers are most welcome to join us each Monday.
Email : bushrangersh3@live.com
"Fiery Flynn", 0416 074 750(MOB), vmx_mxr@yahoo.com.au
"Bumsteer", 0467 400 391(MOB), kjackson.au@gmail.com
"PNS", 0408 289 562(MOB), prmatthe@gmail.com
"Mr. Humpfree", 0439 880 755(MOB), zyg.idziak@gmail.com
Last Update: 04/09/2017

North Shore Wanderers Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.nswhhh.info
A Mixed club that runs /walk on Mondays at 1830.
North Shore & surrounding areas.
Email : NSWHHH@yahoo.com.au
John "OzMoses", 0409 227 205(MOB)
Carol "Fookarwee", 0418 276 808(Mob)
Last Update: 07/09/2014

Northern Beaches Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.nbh3.com/
AKA: Running Sharks
A Mixed hash club that runs 1st Sunday of each month at 1500 (or 16)) during daylight savings)..
the Running Sharks boast the most scenic, coastal Down Down sites in Hashdom
PO 1080
Manly NSW 1655
Nick "Donga" Gorshenin, 0408 100 560(MOB), nickgorshenin@optusnet.com.au
Lesley "Geo Naive" Carrington, 0401 913 264(MOB)
Neil "Crumb" Crummy, 0407 920 599(MOB)
Lesley "LSD" Dellit, 0419 256 318(MOB)
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Sydney Bike Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.meetup.com/SydneyBikeHash/
A Mixed club that runs Monthly cycle rides.
The rides are somewhere in the Sydney area and are typically 15-20Km. $10 for ride and drinks. Bring money for dinner if you wish to stay for a pub meal.
"Coming Anyway", 0411 222 542(MOB), rockchic185@yahoo.com.au
"Dingoberry", 0424 137 777(MOB)
Last Update: 17/01/2010

Sydney Full Moon Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.fullmoon-hhh-sydney.com/
A Mixed club that runs Sunday nearest Full Moon at 1630.
If you want to set a run, email runs@sydneyfullmoonhhh.com
For Contacts use: http://fullmoon-hhh-sydney.com/contact-us/
PO Box 134
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Last Update: 15/05/2019

Sydney Hash House Harriers
URL: https://www.sh3.link/
AKA: Posh Hash
A Male with occasional female guests. club that runs Monday at 1830.
Last Update: 27/04/2022

Sydney Hash House Harriettes
URL: http://sites.google.com/site/sydneyharriettes2/
A Ladies club that runs Wednesday at 1830.
Male and female visitors/guest are welcome
Email : sydneyharriettes@gmail.com
Last Update: 05/08/2014

Sydney South Harbour Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.larrikins.org
AKA: Larrikins Hash
A Mixed club that runs Tuesday at 1830.
Nigel "Fetchit" Bland, 0411 644 193(MOB), fetchit@benefi.com
Peter "Laundromat" Feehan, 0402 904 550(MOB), (02) 94134256(H)
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Sydney Thirsty Hash House Harriers
URL: http://sth3.org
A Mixed club that runs Thursdays at 1830.
To contact, please fill out the Contact form at: http://sth3.org/contact
Last Update: 16/08/2018