ACT Full Moon Hash House Harriers
URL: http://triplehfm.belconnenhash.com/
A Mixed club that runs on, or near, the night of Full Moon at 1830.
Does not clash with other ACT Hashes
John Dudley
14 Enright Crescent
Florey ACT 2615
John "Cabbage Patch Kid" Dudley, (02) 6258 9959 (H), 0408 691 432 (MOB), johndudleycpk@hotmail.com
Mick "Late for Breakfast" Farrelley, (02) 6231 7584(H), 0438 648 624MOB), LateForBreakfast@hotmail.com
Lyn "Rummy" Laker, (02) 6297 7624(H),
Graeme "Menstrual" Lane, (02) 6257 4876(H),, menstrualHHH@gmail.com
Last Update: 28/11/2010

Belconnen Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.belconnenhash.com
AKA: Kindy Hash
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1800 Tuesday when Public Holiday.
PO Box 334
Belconnen ACT 2616
Graeme "Menstrual" Lane, 0405 447 345 (MOB), glane@pcug.org.au
Nick "Tulip" Winter, 0417 686 008 (MOB), tulip@bigpond.com
Last Update: 30/07/2006

Canberra Hash House Harriettes
URL: http://www.canberraharriettes.net
A Female-led Hash club that runs on the first Thursday of the month (male visitors are welcome) starting at 1815 (unless we change our minds – Harriette’s prerogative!).
$5 for run. Champagne/sparkling wine, beer, wine and softies for sale.
Brook "Babbling" McBride, 0418 585 692(MOB), grandmattress@canberraharriettes.net
Christine "Easy" Hill, (02) 6299 8329(AH), c_hill@bigpond.net.au
Natalie "Blue Hawaii" Rosser, 0405 818 583(MOB), web@canberraharriettes.net
Last Update: 11/02/2013

Canberra Hash House Harriers
URL: https://sites.google.com/site/canberrah3/
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1827 during Daylight Savings. in summer and and in winter, Sundays at 1000 in winter.
$2 runs which includes food. BYOG.
Email : canberra-hash@googlegroups.com
19 Conlon Crescent
Theodore ACT 2905
Neville "Handover" Pye, 0431 349 682(MOB), nev_pye@hotmail.com
Michael "Missing Bits" Braund, 0413 868 732(MOB), mandolin@webone.com.au
Kerri "Whiteout" Louttit, 0432 718 582(MOB), kerri.louttit@act.gov.au
Last Update: 17/08/2015

Canberra Sunday Bike Hash
URL: http://www.canberrabikehash.com
A Mixed club that runs on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of each month at 10:30am.
Rides last around an hour over a friendly course, and follow the familiar Hash run format - trail, circle, down-downs and the usual Hash nonsense. Costs: $5 per person and purchase grog from the bucket or over the bar as applicable.
52 Croton Street
Rivett ACT 2611
Mike "Gobbles" Fowler, 0401 173 978(MOB), mike@banksinter.cnbra.com
Bruce "Mixo" Richardson, (02) 6291 9889 (H), 0428 299 494(Mob), mixo@bigpond.net.au
Nick "Likesa" Fisher, 0413 084 710(MOB), nif1@dodo.com.au
Last Update: 23/08/2009

Capital Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.capitalhash.com
AKA: Fat Cat Hash
A Mixed club that runs Monday at 1800.
Fifty plus hounds run from public reserves and private homes. There is also a walkers group. Fees are $10 which includes run, food, and open bucket which has varieties of beer, champagne, wine and softies
Email : onsec@capitalhash.com
Bruce "Mixo" Richardson, (02) 6140 2310(H), 0428 299 494(MOB), bruce.richardson@internode.on.net
John "JR" Rosser, (02) 6161 6598(H), 0439 886 598(MOB), jr@therossers.id.au
Rene "Scarlet" De Kiefte, 02) 6288 8210(H), (02) 6207 1607(W), Rene.Dekiefte@act.gov.au
Richard "Meat to Pleeze You" Housiaux, (02) 6299 8329(H), 0411 414 666(MOB), meat@capitalhash.com
Last Update: 10/04/2022

W.A.C.T. Hash House Harriers
URL: http://www.wacthash.com
A Mixed club that runs Wednesdays at 1810.
Hashers, harriettes and virgins are most welcome to participate in truly fabulous mid-week hashing. Cost $2.00, with drinks available from the bucket at very reasonable hash prices.
PO Box 30
Higgins ACT 2615
Matt "Poly Waffler" W, 0409 017 891(MOB), grandmattress@wacthash.com
Dave "One Goat" O, 0414 647 852(MOB), trailmaster@wacthash.com
Mark "Pearl" H, 0421 866 834(MOB), hashbucket@wacthash.com
Graeme "Menstrual" L, 0405 447 345(MOB), hashistorian@wacthash.com
Last Update: 16/05/2013

Yass Hash House Harriers & Harriettes
URL: http://www.yasshhh.com
AKA: Laid Back Hash, no F#*king worries
A Family club that runs 3rd and 5th Fridays at 1830.
Email : Dominatrix.hhh@gmail.com
Suzie "Dominatrix" Reeks, Dominatrix.hhh@gmail.com
Last Update: 10/10/2011