Australian Hash Genealogy

Hash House Harriers are a unique breed of Harriers about which much history has been written.  To clearly identify the Hash House Harrier line of our breeding it is important that the Hash Genealogy allows the origins of each HHH Chapter to be traced back to the original Hash House Harriers in Kuala Lumpur established late 1938.
The Hash Genealogy considers each Hash chapter to be the 'mother' of all the Hashes directly formed from it by members of the originating Hash.  Each Hash founder "father" is the person who is considered to be most responsible for the formation of the new Hash. Those who assisted the founder in the establishment of the new Hash chapter are considered to be co-founders or 'midwives'. Much of our Aussie Hash Heritage is missing,  Some of what we have needs verification.

Check out the  Australian Hash Genealogy listing.  You can use standard Browser features such as Find and back arrow to simplify navigation around the long list. Become a Hash Genealogy researcher and help document the history of Hash House Harriers chapters known to you. by advising corrections and additions

Of particular interest is the DoD, (Date of Death or Date of Demise), the date of the last run for those Hash Chapters that are no longer with us.

To see Hash House Harrier Chapters known to you in the wider world Hashing scene visit:  A new interactive Family Tree Presentation to replace the very very long wall chart that Bill Panton had on display at previous Interhashes is available for all those Hash Chapters where mothers are known.

To see what the Hash House project has on any Australian Hash, visit "https://the". Any corrections and addition you can provide should be forwarded through the Contact page:

 The Hash Heritage Foundation is compiling a Hashing Archive. Use the Contact page to send copies of any significant Historical Document such as first Run sheet  or the Final Run Sheet or the like for any Hash Chapter active or not that you might have been involved with and have in your possession before it is too late and lost to the hashing world.  These archived documents will be made available on line via a link from Hash Chapter Listing in the Genealogy.

Become a Hash Genealogist researcher today whilst you still have some recollections of your hashing past.

Australian Hash Genealogy