Aus Hash History

bulletAustralian Capital Territory
bulletNew South Wales
bulletNorthern Territory
bulletSouth Australia
bulletWestern Australia
bulletAustralia Combined in Chronological Order

Check these histories out and if you are able to add to the story please tell or mail PO BOX340 Civic Square ACT 2608. or fax to +61 2 6253 599

All information provided is shared with Hash Heritage Foundation in Kuala Lumpur website where the Hash Family Tree is published.  It is by no way complete and assistance with missing information is always welcome.

The Family Tree currently contains (where known) details of Hash Chapter/Club name, location, date of birth, founder (father), Hash Mother (Hash chapter that founder was running with regularly previously) and co-founders (midwives those who assisted).  If the Hash has for some reason folded , date of death (if known) is added

The genealogy considers each hash chapter to be the 'mother' of all the hashes directly formed by members of the originating hash. Each hash founder is the person who is considered to be most responsible for the formation of the new child hash. Those who assisted the founder in the establishment of the new chapter are considered to be co-founders or 'midwives'.